ECO is an inspection/ verification service provider for automobiles in India. ECO uses the most advanced inspection and verification parameters and these services are provided by trained and best professionals in this field. ECO ensures that the report that it generates is independent, objective and unbiased and also the checklist used for inspection is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive covering all the important parameters.
ECO services are performed by handpicked best professionals in this field of service after formal training and verification process. These professionals do not belong to any organization or entity hence they are independent and unbiased. Also, ECO has the largest inspection checklist and ensures to cover all the points bumper to bumper in an automobile. Hence it is objective. The report generated by ECO gives all the necessary information to a customer in platter which highlights both positives and negatives of any automobile being inspected or verified.
Anyone who can fix an automobile for a living with some solid experience in the field of automobile can get on boarded as an auto inspection technician with ECO. But, the onboarding process constitutes of rigorous training, verification and background checks. ECO ensures to have the best of the best professionals in this field of service so as to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.
ECO ensures industry best standards in the services. However, the services are charged at competitive industry standard prices. A car inspection is charged at ₹549/- and a bike inspection is charged at ₹249/-. This can be paid while ordering the service online.
Every customer, post the completion of the service and delivery of digital report, can rate and review the service under the following parameters:
a. On Time Delivery
b. Communication
c. Professionalism
d. Quality of Work
e. Value for Money
ECO administrators, continuously monitors the services being performed and the ratings from the customers. When rating is low for certain parameters, ECO will ensure to improve these at the earliest possible time. In certain scenarios, ECO will also refund the entire money the customer has spent while ordering the service.
A customer can place the order for auto inspection/ verification through Eco platform by giving a few details like preferred date and time and payment of the service fee. The service will be delivered at the doorstep of the customer.