eco offering

eco inspection Premium report
for bike
for car

what includes?

All these great features designed for easy/ better understanding of inspection results, easier comparison analysis and faster decision making.
  • Complete Vehicle Information
  • Overall ECO Score based on score of different segments (For car – Interior, Wheel, Test, Exterior, Hood and For bike – Tire, Control, Light, Oil, Chassis, Stand)
  • Inspection results of each Segment, Individual checkpoint score (121 Checkpoints)
  • Estimated Cost for faulty parts/ repairs
  • Key Observations (No Of Owners ,Accidental history, flood damage, dents, insurance, RC, Bank Hypothecation etc.)
  • OBV (Orange Book Value)- Based on parameters reported and eco evaluation, what is the fair market value for respected vehicle while marking the vehicle condition as 'Bad, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent'
  • Clear breakup of Need attention & Acceptable Inspection Results - Checkpoints with score of 5 or less will be marked as 'Need attention' and ones with score greater than 5 will be marked as 'Acceptable'. Separate sections for both under each segment will be provided.