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Before selling the used vehicle and also before buying the used vehicle, Inspection is essential.

A person who has great experience in the field of automobile, has a good knowledge and can fix an automobile, gets on boarded as an auto inspection technician with ECO.

ECO Inspection is independent, objective, and unbiased.

A technician can join ECO, perform inspection and earn, choose flexible hours at own convenience, be their own boss and can also get trained using ECO tutorial.

A buyer can get their vehicles inspected by handpicked best certified technicians, get complete transparency and visibility with exhaustive checkpoints and get faulty parts repair estimate.

The top parameters of four-wheeler inspection are visual and functional assessment, under the hood, vehicle exterior, wheel assembly, vehicle interior engine, transmission, axles and exhaust. And top parameters for two-wheeler inspection are tires & wheels, L-lights & electrics, vehicle c-controls, vehicle stands.

The cost of Basic Vehicle Inspection Report for bike is Rs. 149 and car is Rs. 299.

The cost of Premium Vehicle Inspection Report for bike is Rs. 249 and car is Rs. 549.

The Premium Vehicle Inspection Report includes complete vehicle info with 121 checklist, faulty parts estimated cost, key observation, fair market value with OBV, clear breakup of where attention is required, and vehicle images.

Visit Droom ECO Inspection page – Click Book Now – Choose Location – Choose Vehicle – Choose date – Choose time – Choose the preferred inspection package.